Feeling Stronger, Faster With Mako® Robotic Knee Replacement

Our joint replacement specialists specialize in solutions for chronic knee problems. They are devoted to providing a precise diagnosis for your joint pain as well as the treatment options best suited for your unique needs. Our providers will always pursue the least invasive course of treatment to help you enjoy the best possible outcome, and Mako robotic-assisted technology offers the latest in unique, precise joint replacement. 

Offered by board-certified orthopedic surgeons Bryan J. Beardsley, M.D., and Regan B. Hansen, M.D., Mako robotic-arm assisted surgical technology is designed to provide patients with a natural-feeling new knee. It uses a real-time operative guidance system and preoperative plans that are completely customized to each patient’s unique knee anatomy. 

Our independent surgery center, Lewis & Clark Outpatient Surgery, serves as the only ambulatory surgery center in the region offering Mako knee replacement procedures. Performed on an outpatient basis, Mako knee replacement offers patients the ability to leave the facility the same day as their procedure and recover from the comfort of their own home.

Additional benefits of Mako robotic-arm assisted knee replacement include: 

  • Faster recovery than traditional knee replacements
  • Reduced risk of complications
  • Natural-feeling, normal knee movement through unique implant design
  • Tailored surgical plans based on each patient’s unique anatomy for a longer-lasting joint

If you would like to see if you’re a candidate for a Mako joint replacement or to learn more about your joint replacement options, our specialty-trained doctors at Lewiston Orthopedics can provide the answers you need. Call us today at (208) 816-7287 or request an appointment online.