Patient Reviews: Dr. Dietrich

Verified Patient Rating: 5
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  • “I felt cared for and very well-informed. I immediately felt that I was in competent hands. Dr. Dietrich was very professional yet compassionate. I would recommend Dr. Dietrich.”
    – Lucinda E.
  • “Dr. Dietrich is awesome. If he doesn't have to cut you open, he won't.”
    – Robert W.
  • “Great, it could not have been better.”
    – Bill F.
  • “He is so lovely; he explained everything to where I could understand what was going to be done. He is an excellent Doctor.”
    – Joyce G.
  • “Oh, you change my life pain is gone. The day after coming home I was great used ice at night but was in the go no staying home. Dressed up and went out. Didn’t need a cane or walker did stairs slowly but did them. Now back feels excellent thank you so much for what you did to change my life. Genuinely thank you Dr. Dietrich and your staff”
    – Debbie W.
  • “Dr. Dietrich was perfect and explained the results of my MRI. He showed me the deteriorated vertebrae and where arthritis has set in and told that if he did a fusion to ease the pain, it would be covering so much of my back that I wouldn't have mobility and I like to garden and work, and I want to be active. My right leg sciatica bothers me and often wakes me up at night. It is intense to the point where I can't go back to sleep so lose about 2-3 hours of sleep per night. It usually wakes me up around 3-4 in the morning. ”
    – Joan C.
  • “Reception was prompt and courteous. My wait was short. My visit was concise, honest and with exact answers, and the assistant and doctor had all my info in front of them and they fostered an air of confidence. It's a good place.”
    – Dan D.
  • “Dr. Dietrich was very prompt, treating me with respect, and made sure the Insurance Company needed to pay for the shot he had requested for the pain in my back. He had my best interest in mind, while treating me, and I am so thankful he is part of this office, and is one of my doctors. I am thankful for the caring staff at Lewiston Orthopedics, and for the professional way the office is run.”
    – Marilyn K.
  • “Many thanks to Lewiston Orthopedics, I've had severe back pain for many years, it progressed to the point that my left leg lost key muscle function, and put me on crutches. I had an MRI at Lewiston Ortho, and a cyst was discovered at the L-1 facet. The cyst was compressing my spinal cord severely. Dr. Dietrich removed the cyst, and my left leg regained full muscle function. The service and care by all the people at Lewiston Orthopedics is excellent. I won't hesitate to return for any future orthopedic problems that I, or my family, may incur.”
    – Don W.
  • “Okay, he is a great doctor.”
    – Deanna W.
  • “I used Dr. Gregory Dietrich : He was my surgeon for back surgery. He is fantastic. When I needed help I began to inquire of others who had had back surgery. The name everyone spoke of was Dietrich ....over and over. So the rest of the story is my most successful surgery the  pinning L4 and L5. My recovery has been without problems. He is a wonderful surgeon. I am totally thankful for his skills.”
    – Betty A.
  • “Appreciative of the consultation with Provider and PA. Found office staff to be very helpful and informative. The surgery experience was of great relief and staff helpful to my recovery. Follow-up satisfactory and informative.”
    – Silas W.
  • “I have undergone 7 surgeries with Dr. Dietrich. I appreciate him as a surgeon and as a fine and caring Christian man. Blessings to you all.”
    – Greg M.
  • “Outstanding professional!!! This Doctor gave me my life back. No, really. And I didn't have to get a second job to pay for it.”
    – Tim G.
  • “He is a great doctor and answers all my questions.”
    – Deanna W.
  • “I had been to physical therapy for my back pain, had injections that only lasted a few months. I was told my hip was a big part of the problem. After surgery I have no back pain and I had suffered with the pain for 14 months or more.  It was like a miracle.”
    – Bloom
  • “While moving a machine I ruptured a disk in my lower back. My regular provider, Todd Carpenter took me through the appropriate stages of diagnostic care and I ended up with a referral to Lewiston Orthopedics. Dr. Dietrich and the other PA's that handled my case were kind, respectful and professional. I followed the recovery directions and now am absolutely pain-free. Great bunch of people and great coffee in the waiting room!”
    – Larry T.