Patient Reviews: Dr. Beardsley

Verified Patient Rating: 5
(685) Patient Reviews and Ratings
  • “Dr. Beardsley explained what they would be doing to my knee. I was shown a model of a knee, and Dr. Beardsley answered all my questions.”
    – Diane C.
  • “Dr. Beardsley was excellent. He was very professional and helpful.”
    – Christine K.
  • “Dr. Beardsley explained the surgical procedure, parts, and equipment. He answered all my questions.”
    – Lori K.
  • “Dr. Beardsley is always very caring & knowledgeable.”
    – Shirley M.
  • “I received very good care and enjoyed my visit with Dr. Beardsley. ”
    – Mary J.
  • “Great experience, took time to explain everything.”
    – Harold J.
  • “He is very patient, demonstrated by sitting down and listening! And ends with, do you have any further questions or concerns. He answered our question about infection rates without anxiety or defensiveness. I think he is a good guy!”
    – Barbara D.
  • “This was my third surgery with Dr. Beardsley. He has always treated me with respect and a caring attitude. He takes the time to listen and explain fully his diagnosis and all the options to help me decide my condition. I am genuinely grateful that he is my doctor and highly recommend him to everyone!”
    – Kris P.
  • “Dr. Beardsley is a beautiful doctor. I am pleased with the results of my surgery. Doctor Beardsley took the time to answer all of my questions and explained the surgery in detail in a very professional manner. My recovery from the operation has been going well. It is five weeks today since the surgery, and physical therapy has been more comfortable than I expected except for the pain in my sciatic nerve. It is slowly improving with treatment. It is so beautiful to be able to straighten my leg which allows me to walk upright for the first time in many years. It is a significant improvement from 5 weeks ago. My friends are amazed at how well I am walking in comparison to before the surgery. I'm looking forward to getting the other one fixed soon, and Doctor Beardsley will be the surgeon I request.”
    – Gloria B.
  • “Dr. Beardsley explained the surgery, and recovery/Physical therapy in a way I could understand. Both knees were worn out, Dr. Beardsley preformed two full knee replacements in about an eight week time frame ( at six weeks the "new" felt better than the old one). I am currently about 12 weeks from my last surgery and am getting around great! The "staff" at the clinic were courteous and worked around my "out of town" schedule and answered questions I had over the phone during recovery at home. I can walk, hike the woods & hunt without pain!! Also working on more sleep than I have had in years. To say I am pleased with my provider would be an understatement. I would highly recommend the services done there to anyone that would listen. None of it's a "walk in the park," recovery and therapy are what you put into it, but the results are well worth it.”
    – Gary R.
  • “Dr. Beardsley performed my surgery well. With effort, I was able to recover most of my range of motion. I would recommend him to others.”
    – Matthew B.
  • “Professional, willing to present all options before me, short wait time.”
    – John E.
  • “Very high praise. Dr. Beardsley got my shoulder repaired in minimal time and I was back to work 4 months later after PT. Great explanations of the injury as well as courteous and kind. I recomend him to everyone I have talked to about orthopedic surgery and consultation since I had my surgery done. Top Notch.”
    – Raymond L.
  • “My experience was excellent. Surgery went well and the follow up was great. No complaints at all”
  • “All aspects of the surgery, as well as the pre and post op service was handled in the highest level of integrity and professionalism by all members of the staff which I came in contact with.”
    – Leroy M.
  • “I give Dr. Beardsley and his team for keeping me out of a wheelchair for the rest of my life. Instead, after bilateral hip replacement I am free of pain, do all my own yard work, gardening, lead a full social life, etc. There was never long waits at Lewiston Orthopedics and the staff was always helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. My questions were always respected and answered completely. I have recommended Lewiston Orthopedics to many people.”
    – Glenda H.
  • “I can't thank you all enough! This was my second experience with Lewiston Orthopedics and both times everyone in the office was friendly, courteous, and professional. What I appreciate most is how everyone is so committed to getting me taken care of and back on my feet as quickly as possible!  ”
    – Diana K.