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Patient Reviews: Bret Paulson

“Very informative and relaxed atmosphere. Brett Paulson listened and really heard my concerns.”
– John B.
“Articulate, informative, personable, and professional.”
– David W.
“Always very professional yet caring.”
– Sandra H.
“Quick and thorough attention when I needed it.”
– Lynne M.
“Brett Paulson always treats me with respect. He always takes the time to answer my questions.”
– Doug B.
“He connected well with us.”
– Nicole G.
“They are very accommodating, listen to what you have to say and answer all your questions.”
– Donna D.
“Bret Paulson has been the provider I have been seeking relief/answers. He has had the help of doctors to help and treat my injury, but for the central part, he has been the guy to keep me informed and make sure I understand the next steps or procedure that is about to be performed. He gave me an injection with a dye for an MRI on my right hip yesterday, and he explained, every step along the way and was very kind and gentle. Thank you, Bret Paulson! You're awesome!”
– Casey O.
“Pre-op appointment got knee replacement surgery in six days. Bret Paulson was knowledgeable, honest and straightforward. He answered all of my questions and was positive about the eventual outcome.”
– Irene E.
“Bret Paulson was very professional and would highly recommend him.”
– Deelee M.
“Very impressed with Bret Paulson. Interacted with me during the entire procedure and I felt confident in his treatment of my swollen knee. Thank you.”
– Deelee M.
“Easy going and professional. Simply explained things and made sure I knew what was going to happen and if had any questions. Quick in and out.”
– Melinda F.
“All the staff was charming and Bret Paulson answered all my questions and even some I hadn't thought of. I really appreciated that.”
– Marsha B.
“Brett did a great job smoothing some anxious feelings of our five yr old daughter who was traumatized by her injury.”
– Marie P.
“Polite, efficient, informational, direct, competent. Well worth the 75 mile drive.”
– Mark S.