Anterior Hip Replacement

As part of our dedication to providing you with the latest in evidence-based options for advanced hip care, we proudly offer total hip replacement surgery using the anterior approach. We are also proud to serve as the region's only anterior hip replacement providers. 

An innovative, minimally invasive joint replacement procedure, anterior total hip replacement provides select hip arthritis patients with a new treatment option for chronic hip pain that offers many benefits. 

Anterior hip replacement is similar to a traditional hip replacement, or a posterior approach hip replacement, in that it is used to replace a damaged or arthritic joint with an artificial joint using implants. However, the key difference between the two surgical techniques is the approach, or where the surgery is performed on the hip.

The anterior approach takes place at the front of the hip, or anterior, instead of at the back of the hip, or posterior. Approaching from the anterior allows the surgeon to use surgical tools at a different angle in the hip, going in between the muscles. This surgery and its methods and protocols also provide better access to the joint without cutting into the muscles or disrupting other soft tissues.

Anterior approach total hip replacement, therefore, limits damage surrounding the new hip joint, offers a better structure to keep the prosthesis in the joint stable with a smoother recovery for many patients due to the minimized internal and external incisions. This is why anterior total hip replacement surgery is known as a muscle-sparing or minimally invasive approach to total hip replacement. 

While the long-term outcomes for anterior total hip replacement are typically equal to or slightly better than those of a traditional hip replacement and most postoperative hip precautions remain the same, the major difference is seen directly after surgery as well as throughout recovery. Compared to other approaches, hip replacement surgery through the anterior approach provides patients with the following benefits:

  • Fewer restrictions and faster overall recovery
  • Greater stability and lower risk of dislocation
  • Less postoperative pain and less scarring
  • Lower risk of infection if performed in an outpatient surgery center

Why choose Lewiston Orthopedics?

At Lewiston Orthopedics, the region's most preferred orthopedic practice, our specialty-trained doctors are proud to serve our community and provide experienced and compassionate orthopedic treatments to patients throughout the Lewis Clark Valley region of Idaho through our office in Lewiston. Our joint surgeons have completed additional training specifically in joint replacement and joint revision to provide you with exceptional care.

Our anterior hip replacement surgeons both specialize in state-of-the-art knee and hip replacement procedures, follow-up care, and comprehensive rehabilitation programs. As the region's only anterior hip replacement surgeons, Dr. Bryan Beardsley and Dr. Gregory Dietrich have the experience and expertise to assess, diagnose, and treat your joint-related conditions individually to your needs.

To see if you are a candidate, call (208) 743-3523 or (800) 841-3523 and mention your interest in the anterior hip procedure.