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In this section, you can read stories from patients we’ve treated about their experiences and recoveries under our care.

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Average Rating: 5 (252 reviews)
“Brett did a great job smoothing some anxious feelings of our five yr old daughter who was traumatized by her injury.”
– Marie P.
“Dr. Beardsley is a beautiful doctor. I am pleased with the results of my surgery. Doctor Beardsley took the time to answer all of my questions and explained the surgery in detail in a very professional manner. My recovery from the operation has been going well. It is five weeks today since the surgery, and physical therapy has been more comfortable than I expected except for the pain in my sciatic nerve. It is slowly improving with treatment. It is so beautiful to be able to straighten my leg which allows me to walk upright for the first time in many years. It is a significant improvement from 5 weeks ago. My friends are amazed at how well I am walking in comparison to before the surgery. I'm looking forward to getting the other one fixed soon, and Doctor Beardsley will be the surgeon I request.”
– Gloria B.
“He did a great job on me.”
– Mark W.
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“Dr. Flock was informative throughout the entire process. He explained options other than surgery, and after I gave them a shot with no improvement, he told how the surgical techniques he uses would improve my situation. Surgery went well, and every staff member I spoke with was kind and professional. I felt very comfortable at the facility and had confidence I would achieve a good outcome.”
– Dan R.
“I saw Dr. Weaver for a knee issue. My blood pressure elevates any time I am in a doctor's office. His nurse gave me a chance to settle and retook my blood pressure. She also came back in to hold my hand when I got an injection. Dr. Weaver answered all my questions and was very easy to talk with.”
– Barbara F.
“He was #1 a good listener, checked out the problem with me and then provided service with showing compassion and understanding at the same time. He asked me afterward how I felt and provided me with a sense of hope and encouragement. He was very supportive and professional in his manner.”
– Carole L.
“As always, Dr. Jelinek listened to all my concern's and seemed are genuinely interested in getting to the bottom of what's causing my problem or problems. He never gives you the impression he is as busy as he is or attempt's to rush you so he can get on to his next patient. The Man genuinely concerned about his patients and he explains his finding's in a way a Laymen can understand and this is how I am treated by him every time I see him if I could give him ten stars I would”
– George E.
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“Oh, you change my life pain is gone. The day after coming home I was great used ice at night but was in the go no staying home. Dressed up and went out. Didn’t need a cane or walker did stairs slowly but did them. Now back feels excellent thank you so much for what you did to change my life. Genuinely thank you Dr. Dietrich and your staff”
– Debbie W.
“Needing surgery on both hands due to carpal tunnel, Dr. Jelinek and Candice correctly outlined a path to complete recovery. I had surgery on one side and then the other about a month later. Today, both of my hands are near normal with the pain and numbness wholly gone. I am delighted with the outcome of this surgery. Dr. Jelinek is awesome! Professional! And, spot-on with his diagnoses of the problems I have had as my body seems to be wearing out. I believe he has an excellent support staff. Candice is an excellent complement to his team providing the same excellent diagnoses and customer service. This appears to be a great combination! I believe that when construction is complete with your facility, Dr. Jelinek and his staff deserve executive office space!! Having visited them in the "other office space" has still been excellent but appears to be the furthest from the front door and have been making the best of their conditions. Dr. Jelinek has provided surgery on both my knees and hands, I have been a patient of him since 2009. He is an excellent doctor! Whenever I see him around, he always has time to speak with me and still has a happy attitude, indeed a great person! I hope he stays around for a long time!”
– James B.
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“Dr. Beardsley explained the surgery, and recovery/Physical therapy in a way I could understand. Both knees were worn out, Dr. Beardsley preformed two full knee replacements in about an eight week time frame ( at six weeks the "new" felt better than the old one). I am currently about 12 weeks from my last surgery and am getting around great! The "staff" at the clinic were courteous and worked around my "out of town" schedule and answered questions I had over the phone during recovery at home. I can walk, hike the woods & hunt without pain!! Also working on more sleep than I have had in years. To say I am pleased with my provider would be an understatement. I would highly recommend the services done there to anyone that would listen. None of it's a "walk in the park," recovery and therapy are what you put into it, but the results are well worth it.”
– Gary R.