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Thank you for choosing Lewiston Orthopaedics for your care. We take pride in helping our patients overcome injuries, relieve pain, and return to active, healthy lifestyles.

In this section, you can read stories from patients we’ve treated about their experiences and recoveries under our care.

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Average Rating: 5 (179 reviews)
“As much I wished I didn't need last surgery to hand at least the doctor is a great guy and physician/ surgeon. I've had good results; the staff is always pleasant. Thanks, Dr.Boyea and staff for all your kindness.”
– Joanne R.
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“I have had two surgeries with Dr. Boyea in years past. He was able to repair and put an end to both problems. He's very thorough in his explanations of what was going on and what was needed to take care of them. He answered my questions and was very kind and gentle. I believe he knows his subject quite well and is a skillful surgeon. I trust him with my hands.”
– Julia I.
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“All of the nurses were so nice and comforting. They made me feel at ease before and after surgery. Dr. Boyea always does a great job and treats you like a person, not just a patient.”
– Danielle D.
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“Other than being a little bit sore after my first surgery I had a great experience with the Dr. and all of the staff. I am looking forward to the second surgery hopefully being done before the beginning of the year.”
– Gary B.
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“He is so lovely; he explained everything to where I could understand what was going to be done. He is an excellent Doctor.”
– Joyce G.
“The staff was friendly and accommodating. Dr. Boyea was informative and very knowledgeable. He diagnosed the problem and explained what the surgical procedure would be in the future. I was very comfortable with the visit and the surgery that will take place in the spring.”
– Nicholas N.
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“Brett did a great job smoothing some anxious feelings of our five yr old daughter who was traumatized by her injury.”
– Marie P.
“Dr. Beardsley is a beautiful doctor. I am pleased with the results of my surgery. Doctor Beardsley took the time to answer all of my questions and explained the surgery in detail in a very professional manner. My recovery from the operation has been going well. It is five weeks today since the surgery, and physical therapy has been more comfortable than I expected except for the pain in my sciatic nerve. It is slowly improving with treatment. It is so beautiful to be able to straighten my leg which allows me to walk upright for the first time in many years. It is a significant improvement from 5 weeks ago. My friends are amazed at how well I am walking in comparison to before the surgery. I'm looking forward to getting the other one fixed soon, and Doctor Beardsley will be the surgeon I request.”
– Gloria B.
“He did a great job on me.”
– Mark W.
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“Dr. Flock was informative throughout the entire process. He explained options other than surgery, and after I gave them a shot with no improvement, he told how the surgical techniques he uses would improve my situation. Surgery went well, and every staff member I spoke with was kind and professional. I felt very comfortable at the facility and had confidence I would achieve a good outcome.”
– Dan R.