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Thank you for choosing Lewiston Orthopedics for your care. We take pride in helping our patients overcome injuries, relieve pain, and return to active, healthy lifestyles.

In this section, you can read stories from patients we’ve treated about their experiences and recoveries under our care.

Read what our patients are saying about Lewiston Orthopedics.

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Average Patient Rating: 4.95 (663 reviews)
“Outstanding professional!!! This Doctor gave me my life back. No, really. And I didn't have to get a second job to pay for it.”
– Tim G.
“He is a great doctor and answers all my questions.”
– Deanna W.
“It was the usual knee problem, and getting more uncomfortable by the day it seemed.  My primary doctor suggested Dr. Hansen, when I said that I wanted to use the orthopedic clinic. At that particular time, I don't know that I was really thinking surgery ... just looking for a relief.   After all the X-rays, Dr. Hansen suggested arthroscopic surgery for my particular situation. It was then I learned that the surgery would actually be done in the clinic's own hospital, and not in one of the locally established  hospitals. Truly I wasn't quite certain about this in my own mind, thinking about problems that could arise, sanitation, et al. However, I was impressed by Dr. Hansen's demeanor, professionally as well as his people skills. The surgery was a success, a couple of steroid inoculations were necessary in about a three/four year period, and all seemed great. Eventually, he performed another arthroscopic on the same knee. Eventually, the knee needed more attention and he believed the new drug Synvisc-One would be an excellent help for my situation. At that time, Medicare wouldn't give permission, which irritated him considerably. It must have taken him the better part of an hour to finally get the insurance to accept the new drug.  If they would not have accepted this drug, I was more than willing to pay for it myself. However, Dr. Hansen was insistent that I not pay for it. Before I left the Clinic, I had the Synvisc-One, and Doctor Hansen was smiling again.   I know this is a long and detailed account. However, I've told this story many, many times in the months and years since. I have wanted to say thank you to him about every time I am in, or around, the clinic. My sincere appreciation to the man and the doctor!  ”
– Phyllis L.
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“I had been to physical therapy for my back pain, had injections that only lasted a few months. I was told my hip was a big part of the problem. After surgery I have no back pain and I had suffered with the pain for 14 months or more.  It was like a miracle.”
– Bloom
“Dr. Flock is very knowledgeable and caring. He takes time to listen and explains everything very well. I recommend him to everyone that asks.”
– Laura L.
“Dr. Boyea is one of my favorite doctors he is always smiling. He is kind and has worked on me quite a few times. The office girls are very nice and also the nurses are friendly and helpful. I've never had a bad experience at the office.”
– Phyllis G.
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“Dr. Flock and staff were (are) great. No complaints nor suggestions for improvement.”
– Delbert S.
“Dr. Hansen is great. Upfront, honest, and professional. He will be doing my hip replacement surgery in June and I am not the slightest bit nervous about it, as I am extremely comfortable with his credentials, his competency, and his credibility as an orthopedic surgeon. He is knowledgeable and treated me as an equal—no hint of condescension. I appreciate his professionalism.”
– Sarah G.
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“This is my second experience with Dr. Jelinek. Three years ago I had my left shoulder operated on. Since then I tore my rotator cuff on my right shoulder. I knew I wanted Dr. Jelinek to do this surgery also as he knew my past history. Once again he did a great job. Very little pain this time and I am recovering well. Thank you Dr. Jelinek and your staff for you great care and kindness during my injury. You guys are amazing!”
– Paul F.
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“Dr. Hansen was the most kind, compassionate person for my mother who fell & broke her hip. He replaced her hip and spent a lot of time explaining things to us. I would highly recommend him.”
– Steve P.
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