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(3,428) Patient Reviews and Ratings
  • “Dr. Hansen was very informative about my medical condition. Thank you, Dr. Hansen, for your kind and caring manners.”
  • “I was happy with the professional service and kindness from Dr. Hansen.”
  • “Dr. Hansen has always been an excellent provider. He is very compassionate with me when giving me cortisone injections. He is also interested in my overall health and makes sure all areas of inflammation and pain get addressed.”
  • “Dr. Beardsley explained the surgical procedure, parts, and equipment. He answered all my questions.”
  • “Dr. Hansen was very thorough in explaining his procedures, the X-ray results, and ideas for treating my neuropathy. It was refreshing to see someone at this level of professionalism after other experiences I've had. Also, the staff checking me in was very helpful and courteous.”
  • “Dr. Jelinek explained in detail my issue. Thoroughly explained my options. Excellent bedside manner. I felt comfortable and was confident in his assessment.”
  • “Dr. Boyea is professional and empathetic to me (as a patient). Too many doctors in this day and age are not that way. Dr. Boyea is truly a breath of fresh air.”
  • “Dr. Hansen was very professional cordial and explained the whole situation with surgery and all. And I appreciate it. This took all the nervousness and doubted out of the procedure.”
  • “Dr. Jelinek was very good in his explanation of the procedure. Answered all our questions.”
  • “I felt important when offering information about my injury and was very happy with the care and time were given to me by Dr. Jelinek. I was relieved not to have surgery as a treatment due to the careful study of new X-rays taken before being seen by the doctor.”
  • “Dr. Hansen is very professional and friendly. I have never felt like he was rushing during my appointments. He took the time to explain my knee problem and showed me my X-rays. He recommended that I wear a knee compression sleeve and took the time to show me on Amazon which would work the best. One of the best physicians I’ve seen for quite a while.”
  • “Dr. Jelinek is relaxed, friendly, comfortable, and knowledgeable.”
  • “Dr. Jelinek and Dr. Evan are highly skilled and professional. Their nursing team is qualified and capable. The office and radiology personnel are warming and efficient. Thank you, doctors, nursing staff, and office and radiology personnel.”
  • “Dr. Beardsley is always very caring & knowledgeable.”
  • “Dr. Jelinek is a competent and caring professional.”
  • “Doctor Jelinek was kind and explained everything clearly to me.”
  • “Dr. Hansen has taken care of my knee issues since around 2003. He's done a great job. Thank you, Dr. Hansen. ”
  • “They are resourceful. Dr. Boyea is very much willing to help. And polite.”
  • “Dr. Jelinek has a relaxed professional demeanor. He listened to and respected my opinion. I felt he and I had a frank conversation about what seems to be the best approach to my knee problems at this time. I have confidently chosen to follow his recommendations for surgery. ”
  • “Dr. Adam Jelinek is great. ”
  • “Dr. Hansen is the best, he explains everything in ways you can understand, and he shows concern about a patient’s wellbeing. I trust his call and judgment. Thank you ”
  • “Dr. Weaver answered all my questions, and I have complete confidence in him and the entire staff.”
  • “Very happy with Dr. Boyea. ”
  • “I received very good care and enjoyed my visit with Dr. Beardsley. ”
  • “I respect Dr. Hansen's opinion are have faith and trust in his abilities.”